The Open Ears Festival is thrilled to announce its 2018 composition competition for emerging composers!  The festival is seeking proposals for the premiere of a piece that is to take place at Victoria Park (Kitchener, ON) during the festival (May 30-June 3, 2018).  The festival is seeking works that demonstrate elements and awareness of soundscape, the environment, improvisation, play with the space available, and are suitable for a non-traditional performance environment in which audience members can move about freely.


Eligibility & Requirements

·      Composers must be Canadian citizens or permanent Canadian residents.

·      Composers must be between the ages of 18-30.

·      Works proposed must be suitable for open instrumentation, up to 99 players and to take place outdoors in a park.

·     Works must be between 20-60 minutes in length.

·      Proposals must be for acoustic composition, there will be no accommodation for compositions involving technology.

·      Entrants must submit a proposal of approximately 400-500 words detailing the work.

·      Entrants must submit 3 samples of work from no earlier than 2013 that vary in instrumentation.

·      Submissions should include 1 proposal, 3 samples of previous works from no earlier than 2013 (including scores and audio/video if necessary), and    brief biography of the composer.  Please forward to “

·      Composers may submit multiple entries.

·      *All submissions must be received by March 1st, 2018. *Deadline extended until March 8th, 2018*



·      Winning entrant will receive a premiere of the proposed work during the 2018 Open Ears Festival, as well as an archival recording of the premiere.

·      Winner will also receive access to Dorico notation software, valued at $750 CAD.

·      Winner will receive $500 CAD.


For further inquiries about the 2018 composition competition, please contact “”.


 ~Please forward to all relevant outlets~