3:00 - 6:00 PM - CAFKA and Open Ears Guide Within These Walls at the Walper

1 King St. W., Kitchener, FREE (donations accepted)

Join CAFKA and Open Ears for an exploration of the hidden and forbidden spaces of the Walper Hotel. Gather in the Barrister’s Lounge, and be led on an intimate wandering through closets, mechanical forests and moments of sound. Discover where its stories are told, the rhythm of the building is measured, and then played back onto itself.

Our guides will navigate you, in very small groups, on a tour of micro-performances and happenings.  With over fifty different events happening during the day, every experience will be unique. Tours will begin every 15 minutes, and will last approximately one hour. 

8:00 PM - Open Ears @ the Registry Theatre feat. CCMC & Messier/Bernier;

122 Frederick St, Kitchener; $25 at the door; $20 for CAFKA members, $15 for students.

CCMC: Vol 3

This ad-hoc performance by a mix of current and founding members of iconic ensemble CCMC celebrates the re-release of CCMC Vol 3 by the Detroit/Windsor Media City Festival. This record, long out of print, reappears in its original format with cover design by Michael Snow.

Martin Messier+Nicolas Bernier:  La chambre des machines

Messier and Bernier’s work stems from a desire to return to the physical world in an environment of digital creation. In the best futurist tradition, they present a performance based on the legendary intonarumoris, the noise machines dreamt up by Luigi Russolo. These instruments consist of cogs, levers and all manner of mechanical and electronic parts, and explore the territory where synthetic and acoustic overlap.  lachambredesmachines.com

10:00 PM - OE Late Night @ the Barrister’s Lounge: The Freedmen

The Walper Hotel, 1 King St. W., Kitchener; Pay as you leave for the value you receive (Recommended $10)

Justin Haynes and Jean Martin interpret quirky and haunting ditties by Myk Freedman on two humble instruments: the ukulele and the suitcase. The interpretations are not strict readings, but rather loose improvisatory renderings filled with interplay and delight. To round out the bottom end of this trio, they have added Ryan Driver, playing sweet bass on a street-sweeper bristle.

AuthorGregory Oh