Welcome to the Open Ears Festival! We welcome you to come and celebrate the art of listening with us. From live music to sound installations to workshops to extraordinary happenings, our events inhabit wildlife preserves, urban streetscapes and concert halls as we dedicate ourselves to bringing our community into contact with sound and music that is truly transformative. We are less about the music you hear in elevators, except when we are hacking the speakers. Street noises and car horns can become sonic ingredients in large-scale urban performance art. We have hosted everything from 100 metronomes to Korean Pansori traditional opera to Treeorgans to epic Steve Reich performances. 

We hope you'll join us in experiencing, touching, exploring and listening to the very best of sound.

"…like a dream come true for musicians on the forward fringe of the art, and for people normally frightened of same. No more cloistering in concert halls; no preset definitions of what ‘real’ music is."