#OE 14 Open Stories Sponsorship Opportunities

Part of the Art, Architecture & Sound Festivals in Waterloo Region

June 5 to 15, 2014

 Shary Boyle and Christine Fellows

Shary Boyle and Christine Fellows

[On paper, it looks] like a dream come true for musicians on the forward fringe of the art, and for people normally frightened of same. No more cloistering in concert halls; no preset definitions of what ‘real’ music is.”

-Robert Everett-Green, The Globe and Mail


Your Investment

We are looking for community investors in the range of $500 to $2000 to support the activities we will be bringing to Waterloo Region in June of 2014. Your support makes a real difference to our festival.


Your Return


Your logo and website link on our website.
Links your name to the performance(s) you have selected and includes your name in all media communications, your logo displayed at all performances, public recognition at your specific performance(s) and two Festival Passes


Your logo and website link on our website.
Links your name to the performance(s) you have selected and includes your name in all media communications. Public recognition at your specific performance(s) and tickets to your performance(s).

 Charlotte Mundy sings Feldman.

Charlotte Mundy sings Feldman.

$500 - 750

Your logo and website link on our website.
Links your name to the performance you have selected, public recognition at your specific performance and tickets to your performance.

ALL of our community investors will receive an invitation to an exclusive Backstage Event during the festival. You will be given an opportunity to spend time with a sound artist, composer or performer to learn more about their work.

For further information about these or additional opportunities to contribute to Open Ears Festival of Music & Sound, contact:   Cheryl Ewing, General Manager 519-579-8564 info@openears.ca www.openears.ca

Our Audience

We know that about 10% of our audience comes from outside the Region. Our studies show that:

 GREX - an eight-voice octet

GREX - an eight-voice octet

  • 27% of our audience is between the ages of 18 and 34

  • 42% of our audience has a post-graduate university degree

  • 27% said they will learn about our programs through traditional media

    Our surveys show that our audience is educated, mobile, and very culturally active, regularly attending galleries and concerts and willing to travel for the experience. This aligns with TNS Canada’s 2013 study for the Ontario tourism industry which identified Knowledge Seekers as one of the 12 travel segments:

    “Travellers in this segment are looking to appreciate and understand the places they visit. Their trips are typically about expanding their knowledge and stimulating their minds rather than resting and relaxing. They are driven by a desire to explore culture, history, architecture and natural landmarks and often focus on sight-seeing, museums, galleries and historical sites.”

    The Open Ears audience are fearless, values-driven, advenurous cultural consumers who prefer a riskier alternative over a sure choice. They approach their arts experiences on multiple levels – emotional, intellectual and creative.

Your Opportunities

Open Ears 2014 Programming includes:

SHARY BOYLE AND CHRISTINE FELLOWS – live moving images from Canada’s representative at the 2013 Venice Biennale paired with the haunting and humourous music of one of Canada’s most inventive songwriters.

Performance: $500

 Sepideh Raissadat

Sepideh Raissadat

CHRISTIAN BÖK – sound artist and experimental poet, his book Eunoia won the Griffin Poetry Prize and is the best-selling Canadian poetry book of all time. Christian has created artificial languages for two television shows: Gene Roddenberry’s Final Conflict and Peter Benchley’s Amazon.

There will be two opportunities to see Christian during the festival. There will be an evening performance on June 7th which will include Kurt Schwitters' Sonate in urlauten. The following day following a workshop on contemporary poetry and sound poetry given to local students, Christian and the students will recite poetry during a Poetry & Tea at the Walper.

Concert: $500. Workshop: $500. Concert and workshop: $750

NEXUS with Sepideh Raissadat – legendary master percussionists perform Hartenberger, Ghassemi and Moondog, with Sepideh Raissadat, the first woman to perform a solo concert in Iran after the 1979 revolution.


MIRROR (presented in collaboration with Inter-Arts Matrix) – premiere of new work for soprano and visual artist by Isabella Stefanescu. A multi-media chamber opera, Mirror is a meditation on the risk each one of us takes when presenting a face to the public. Singer and artist collaborate to present a complex, interwoven conversation about themselves and their art.

There will be two performances of this work.


Thu June 12 Performance: $500

WHITE RABBIT RED RABBIT – eye-opening play by Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour, reminding us of the value of freedom and the power of words. There will be four performances of this work with a new guest actor each night: Nora Young, Majdi Bou-Matar, Grace Lynn Kung and Mike Farwell.

Run of four performances: $1,250 Individual performances: $500


  • Triple Bill: Essential Opera - presenting short new operas by Elisha Denburg, Chris Thornborrow and Monica Pearce
  • Ana Sokolovic’s Love Songs performed by Kristin Hoff
  • Bicycle Opera Project - touring Ontario on bicycles, performing scenes from Canadian operas
  • FAWN Opera - L'homme et le ciel, a new multimedia work by Adam Scime

Entire Marathon: $1,000 Individual Performances: $500

DACAPO CHAMBER CHOIR – dedicated to exploring unaccompanied music, primarily of the 20th Century and later, with an emphasis on Canadian repertoire, they will perform work from their new recording, as well as host the New Works Reading Session, the fourth annual choral composition competition, co-presented with NewWorks.

Performance: $500 NewWorks: $500 Both: $750

VEDA HILLE – Vancouver songwriter and performer brings her unique brand of musical theatre to Open Ears. Childhood interests included plants, books, microscopes, science fiction and psychiatry, now she makes records, writes musical theatre, scores films, teaches songwriting and tours.

Performance: $500

RETHINK electroACOUSTIC: CHARLOTTE MUNDY - NYC Soprano performs work for voice and tape, including Morton Feldman's beautiful Three Voices.

Performance: $500

RETHINK keyboard: junctQín - Eclectic keyboard trio performs works for everything from piano to toy piano to toy monkey to the kitchen table, including works by Aaron Gervais, Elisha Denburg, Tristan Perich and Thierry De May.

Performance: $500

SILENTS: Andrew Downing Orchestra – talented bassist and composer Andrew Downing brings his ensemble, providing live accompaniment to a wonderful selection of silent films.

Performance: $500

GREX – young vocal octet brings its unique sounds to Open Ears for the first time, drawing on influences from contemporary music to jazz, Georgian folksong to Shape Note singing.

Performance: $500

BLAIR MCMILLEN - One of a handful of great North American pianists who excel at playing any repertoire, this is an opportunity to get to know new repertoire interpreted by a very special player, and really feel the sound in the intimate space of the Music Room. This is a co-production with KWCMS. 

When played by the formidable McMillen, anything sounds terrific.” - New York Times

Performance: $500

RADIO WONDERLAND & WEIRD CANADA – Radio Wonderland is DJ meets mashup meets sonic art with a sound that ranges from Negativland to Hip Hop. Weird Canada, national leaders and progenitors of creative and independent artistic expression, will follow with a curated evening of undanceable music.


PENDERECKI STRING QUARTET – one of the most celebrated chamber ensembles of their generation create performances that demonstrate their “remarkable range of technical excellence and emotional sweep”. (Toronto, Globe and Mail)

Performance: $500

FRIENDLY RUSH: A FAREWELL TO KINGS - fans of the "Great Canadian Band", a.k.a. RUSH, will delight in this reinterpretation their iconic album by the ten-piece alt-vaudeville band Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People, who are famous for their covers of everyone from Russian romantic composer Modest Mussorgsky to Italian pop star Adrian Celentano.


Open Ears at THEMUSEUM

Sound Installations have always been an integral part of the festival. They are very attractive to families as a free outing providing lots of conversation. This year we are offering an extended opportunity to experience these works that have both a sound and a visual element.

In collaboration with THEMUSEUM, there will be three sound installations available to the public from June 5 to September 1, 2014. During the festival access will be free, following the close of the festival, they will be included in THEMUSEUM’s admissions.



TREEORGAN by Max Streicher and Garnet Willis

TreeOrgan is made of inflatable bodies with blowers inside that provide air to organ pipes cues by computers creating sound that can be played by a midi keyboard.




Intonarumori was the Grand Prize Winner in the 2013 Raspberry Pi Design Contest. It is a series of interactive sound boxes, inspired by Luigi Russolo's mystical Intonarumori, that can be played by viewers.







Convergence Machine is based on the principle of causation – when things happen, they often make other things happen later in time. Only Ajzenstat has turned it around so a future event causes something else to occur in the present.

Each installation can be supported individually at $750 each or the entire exhibition will be associated with your company for $2,000.

For further information about the above or other opportunities with Open Ears please contact: Cheryl Ewing, info@openears.ca 519.579.8564