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Atonal "12-tone" music gets funked up by the Kyle Brenders Big Band. 2016 Juno Award winner Allison Au opens.

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Perhaps no single movement in western music has fractured and divided audiences, performers and composers alike as the rise of serial, atonal music - no more major or minor, and sounding to some like the beep-boops of machines or random noise generation. Dubbed the Second Viennese School by some (or the death of melody by others), Arnold Schoenberg, Alban Berg and Anton Webern abandoned tonality and traditional harmony for the egalitarian symmetry of the twelve-tone scale.

For those (lucky people) who are unfamiliar with the jargon, the Coles notes are here and a video of Canada’s most notorious proponent of serial music, Glenn Gould, playing Webern is here.

Inspired by this great Bad Plus arrangementKyle Brenders has taken it upon himself to arrange a group of these compositions for his intrepid Big Band, based on the theory that everything sounds better with a beat, and there’s no such thing as too much funk. Staunch romantics and proponents of major/minor might find themselves loving these amazing arrangements - “it has a great twelve-note tune, and I can dance to it.”

Opening act Allison Au comes to the Waterloo Region fresh from the Juno Awards, where she took home the award for BEST JAZZ ALBUM with the Allison Au Quartet.

Find new ways to listen and discover how music can bring us all together while we have a funk-filled good time in the intimate Waterloo Jazz Room.


Allison Au - Alto Sax, Kyle Brenders - Tenor Sax, Nicole Rampersaud - Trumpet, Tom Richards - Trombone, Scott Peterson - Bass, Brandon Valdivia - Drums, Michael Davidson - Vibes

Dodecaphunk plays the music of the Second Viennese school and music of other serial modernists but through the lens of the rhythm and soul of funk. Equally inspired by Webern and Parliament Funkadelic, this contrast in styles has never fully been explored. The music draws its material from the works of modernist masters but is reworked and rearranged to suit the a happier, funky aesthetic.  


ALLISON AU | Saxophone

Allison Au is a Toronto-based saxophonist, composer and arranger. 

Since it’s formation in 2009, The Allison Au Quartet has toured across Canada and the U.S. The ensemble recently earned a JUNO Award for their 2016 release "Forest Grove" and also garnered a JUNO Award nomination for their debut release in 2013 entitled "The Sky Was Pale Blue, Then Grey." The group was also awarded the TD Jazz Fellowship Scholarship (2011),The Alfred and Phyllis Balm Scholarship (2012), and The Margareta and Benno Nigg Scholarship (2013) to conduct artist residencies at the renowned Banff Centre.

In 2011, Allison was selected as one of eight international participants for the Metropole Orkest's Arrangers Workshop held in the Netherlands. There she had the opportunity to work with composer Vince Mendoza and The Metropole Orkest.

Since, her work has been featured with Hilario Duran's Latin Big Band (Canada), Grammy-nominated Jazz vocalist Roberta Gambarini, Blue Note recording artist Ruben Hein (The Netherlands), The Metropole Orkest (The Netherlands), The WDR Big Band (Germany), and The Filarmonica 900 del Teatro Regio and Torino Jazz Orchestra (Italy).

Allison has attended the 2010 summer workshop at the School for Improvised Music in Brooklyn, NY under the direction of Ralph Alessi and the 2011 Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music, under the direction of Dave Douglas. She is the leader of the Allison Au Quartet, which won the 2016 Juno Award for Best Jazz Album.