• The Registry Theatre 122 Frederick Street Kitchener, ON, N2H 2L9 Canada

This MIXTAPE♥ brings you deep hiphop and electronic sounds from the innovative mind of Pursuit Grooves and the fresh, unfettered R&B/Soul band Unbuttoned. 

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We won't say that we saved the best for last, but we're pretty sure that there are going to be some Open Ears fans who might support this opinion. Pursuit Grooves  is a DJ and producer who refused to be pinned down, and definitely is making her own path. Unbuttoned impressed the socks off (almost literally) of artistic director Gregory Oh when he heard them playing live on a Friday night at the ROM. It was the first time, in his words, "I've ever heard a 20 minute R&B track that was so killer and fun, and also sometimes could have doubled as free jazz."


Vanese Smith's sound can be described as "Futuristic Tribal Psychedelics", combining experimental electronic melodies and atmospherics with deep bass rhythms. She has released over 10 diverse albums and has performed her music around the globe in unique places and spaces. 20 years in sonic flight and she's still pushing herself in new directions. Off the stage Vanese creates fantasy inspired images and projections as MO:delic Arts. https://pursuitgrooves.bandcamp.com/


cardboard box drum beats cassette tapes of other people’s conversations reverb upon reverb
a bottle of hennessy that technically still belongs to nas sangria and oysters in williamsburg
the penguin conundrum a very important blimp over london a king charles spaniel
to taste pulse nurture your pride lie on your back and let the stars come to you
patience and skepticism halfway between a screen and spiral bound book
bringing your lounge with you knowing when to fight over a note or two
hackeysack nobody’s chair coming out at the supermarket
afro pick supreme bitch she’s not blue eyed
plants wolves tea and coffee
twenty questions round four
slow down gravity
truth or a silhouette
queer skies
u n b u t t o n ed

- http://unbuttoned.bandcamp.com/


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