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This inspiring quartet of singers and instrumentalists will take you to Turkey, Egypt, Greece, the Middle East and beyond! 

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Nazar-I Turkwaz

Turkwaz is a unique combination of four musician/singers, immersed in diverse traditions from mysterious Sufi devotional love songs, to rousing Thracian dance music. Each performer brings a special flavour to the group. Maryem Hassan Tollar draws on her Arabic language heritage, Jayne Brown and Sophia Grigoriadis bring their Greek background to the mix and Brenna MacCrimmon adds her Turkish roots. They have a long-standing collective interest in Balkan traditions and add Albanian, Bulgarian and Macedonian and whatever else strikes their fancy to their repertoire. The love and respect they have for the traditions they draw from are clear but they are not afraid to arrange the tunes in new and unexpected ways to give them a fresh spin.

Maryem, Jayne and Sophia have worked together before as featured vocalists in world music ensemble Maza Meze. Brenna spent years in Turkey working and touring with diverse musicians including Master Gypsy clarinetist Selim Sesler as Karsilama. Sophia, Jayne and Brenna go way back to when they performed together in Staro Selo – a traditional Macedonian ensemble and one of the first “world music” bands in Toronto. That deep, shared history is what makes their music so compelling. Individually they also have worked in many fields and styles and have numerous Juno nominations, film and recording credits between them.

Turkwaz loves the challenge of working with complicated rhythms and adding harmonies where no harmonies existed before, of exploring the possibilities of drones and melodies and colouring their sound with gentle strings and hand percussion. They deliver their songs with style, heartfelt passion and a touch of humour.