• PUC Building 191 King Street West Kitchener, ON, N2G 4V6 Canada

‘”mad crazy bright lights” (Carl Wilson, Zoilus)

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In an open space filled with chairs, the performers speak and move in a unison where every decision is a group decision but no one knows what’s going to happen next. Is being together possible? They don’t have an entirely satisfactory answer. Nonetheless, they insist on this question as both the figure and the ground of their pursuit – to express how things are, and how they want things to be different. Navigating the potential of absolute failure, what we are saying illuminates the possibility of leaderless togetherness.

What can we say about the present moment – the moment we’re in now, together?

What can we say about our future and how do we say it together?

Using language and movement to explore new perspectives of our world and each other, an assembly of performers responds to uncertainty, potential danger, and possibility in an open performance space.

Co-created by Frank Cox-O’Connell, Ishan Davé, Katie Ewald, Mairéad Filgate, Sherri Hay, Ame Henderson, sandra Henderson, Brendan Jensen, Benjamin Kamino, Alexander MacSween, Liz Peterson, Kimberly Purtell, Nick Rose, Bojana Stancic, Stephen Thompson and Evan Webber

Produced by Public Recordings. Co-produced by Dance4, Festival TransAmériques and Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage in association with The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. Developed in residencies at Dance4, OBORO and Gallery TPW.


Since 2003, Public Recordings’ dance experiments have proposed choreography as the tension between the established and the emergent – while their performances have made the remarkable case that dance changes how we imagine the possible. A collaborative operation that conjoins artistic research, performance creation, learning and publication, Public Recordings makes ground-breaking projects that activate the potentials of shared space. Works including/Dance/Songs/, 300 TAPES, relay, what we are saying and The Most Together We’ve Even Been have been presented in Belgium, Croatia, France, Italy, The Netherlands, the UK, Slovenia and across Canada.

Concurrent with its performance projects, Public Recordings provides and facilitates exchange opportunities year-round, in Canada and abroad. These workshops aim to produce artistic research, energize the performance community and widen the platform on which practitioners can share their experience and vision.