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Proper Slang Productions and Dance at The Registry, in cooperation with Open Ears and InterArts Matrix present:


What would happen to you if you were driven to bury the deepest, dearest part of yourself behind a wall?

In a dark, complex unraveling, The Yellow Wallpaper explores the psychological drama of Charlotte as she succumbs to the pressure of family and parenthood, and deals with the consequences of denying her true creative spirit.

The Yellow Wallpaper is an Interdisciplinary performance piece combining the skills and insights of the collaborators into a complex duet for dancer and actor. Sound designer John Gzowski and media artist Jim Ruxton use an array of tools from analog sound processors to robots to create expressive depth and dimension to the aural experience of the work.

Yellow Wallpaper combines evocative original music, intense drama, highly physical dance, timeless design, and stunning visuals; All elements work in sync to create a human story of love, loathing and denial. 

Says director/choreographer Aplin about Yellow Wallpaper  "Charlotte Gilman’s story The Yellow Wallpaper struck me vividly as a particularly horrifying example of how cultural pressures compel a woman to self denial. In our world, there is always intense pressure for a woman to sacrifice her own desires and ambitions for her family. Fighting that isn’t easy. But fight it we must if we want humanity to thrive. Charlotte's tale is a cautionary one, but also a very personal one. A story how one woman’s sacrifice could cost her everything.”

This new collaboration is comprised of both Hamilton and Toronto based artists;

Julia Aplin’s choreographic work has been performed across Canada and her dance career had taken her across artistic boundaries into theatre, music, design and visual art.  Julia has worked with companies such as Tiger Princess Dance Productions, Urban Vessel, Toca Loca and Theatre Gargantua, Inter Arts Matrix, SoulPepper and Company Blonde. With Dusk Dances, she won the 2014 Audience Choice Award for Inner City Sirens Part 2 and shares a Dora Mavor Moore Award for sound design with John

Anna Chatterton (writer/actor) is a Hamilton based playwright, librettist and performer. Most recent work includes her play Within the Glass (Tarragon Theatre), co-writing and performing in the acclaimed Gertrude and Alice (Buddies in Bad Times Theatre) and her short play Liatorp (Frost Bites Festival). Anna performed her solo show Quiver at Theatre Aquarius as part of their TA2 Studio series, which will be produced by Nightwood Theatre in Toronto in the fall. Anna is a playwright in residence at both Tarragon and Nightwood Theatre. 

Jordana Deveau (dancer) has been an active force in the Toronto dance community for over a decade.  She was a principal performer with Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre and is now pursuing an independent career.  She has trained in Toronto, Vancouver, New York and Vienna, and audiences have enjoyed her performances in the U.S, Europe and across Canada. 

John Gzowski (sound design) is an award winning composer creating music for theatre, dance, film and concert halls. His theatre work has won him 5 Dora Mavor Moore Awards, two for recorded music, two for live performance and one for live foley. His work has been seen in over 200 productions, across the country. For dance, he has written for Dancemakers, Kaeja D’dance, Kate Alton, Michael Sean Marye and Julia Aplin, using instruments, electronics, bicycle bells, homemade instruments, found sound and multi speaker systems. His installation pieces have been shown at the AGO, Nuit Blanche and New Adventures in Sound Art.

Ken Mackenzie (set/lighting/costume design) is a resident artist at Soulpepper Theatre in Toronto. Recent work includes Set Design for Brantwood (Theatre Sheridan), Set and Lighting design: Cowboy vs. Samurai, The Heidi Chronicles. Lighting Design: The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine (Soulpepper), Set and Costume Design for Lungs (Tarragon Theatre, Dora nomination), (Re)birth: e.e. cummings in song - Dora Nomination (Soulpepper) and Set Design for Mr Burns (Outside the March). 

Jim Ruxton (new media design) works as an artist and electronics engineer in installation, performance, theatre, dance and film, based in Hamilton.   He has worked on numerous interdisciplinary projects with a number of artists including Susanna Hood, Fides Krucker, Rae Davis, Max Dean, Philip Barker, Panya Clark Espinol , Cylla Von Tiedamann, Phillip Beesley, Graham Smith and Camille Turner. Jim is also the inventor of ColorWave , a patented lighting technology that is revolutionizing the decorative lighting industry. Jim is also on the board of Centre 3 in Hamilton.

Presented with support from the Ontario Arts Council’s Ontario Dances program, and in cooperation with Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound and InterArts Matrix.

Julia Aplin-choreographer/director

Anna Chatterton- writer/actor

John Gzowski- sound design/composer

Ken MacKenzie-design

Jim Ruxton- media art designer

Jordana Deveau-dancer