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Sunday, June 15, 330 PM, The Registry Theatre, 122 Frederick St., Kitchener  ON


Tickets $20/10 available here.

4-Opera Marathon Pass $55/25 available here.

The Bicycle Opera Project brings Canadian contemporary opera to communities across Ontario by bicycle! We bring Canadian music to people who might otherwise have little opportunity to hear it, and work to close the distance between audiences and opera singers through performance in intimate spaces. The project focuses on operatic repertoire that deals with contemporary issues and is sung in English and French so that audiences can more readily relate to the material.

In 2012, we launched the project by cycling to Peterborough, Port Hope, Belleville, Prince Edward County, Kingston, and Gananoque, bringing along two trailers full of our props, costumes, and instruments. In 2013, our tour brought us west of Toronto to Hamilton, Guelph, Elora, Fergus, Kitchener, Waterloo, Bayfield, London and Stratford Summer Music Festival.

We work to demythologize the idea of “the opera singer” (we get dirty too!) and operatic traditions (who says we can’t cycle?), and provide a car-free alternative to touring. "As a touring company that gets around on two wheels, the Bicycle Opera Project is all about essentials — getting maximum dramatic impact with a minimum of means." - John Terauds

Rosa by James Rolfe and Camyar Chai: This one-act opera, by one of Canada’s most prolific and acclaimed operatic composers, is about a couple who tries to salvage a broken marriage after the loss of their young daughter, Rosa.

Cake by Monica Pearce. This twelve-minute comedic opera premiered in January 2012 at the Toy Piano Composers’ Opera Scenesters concert. A bride-to-be barely navigates her family’s relationships and expectations as she attempts to order the perfect cake for her wedding.

Little Miss All Canadian by Lemit Beecher and Liza Balkan Two mothers hilariously coach their daughters from the sidelines of a beauty pageant while they discover a disturbing article in the paper: an eleven- year-old girl’s dismembered body parts have been discovered in a park.

A little rain must fall by Chris Thornborrow and David Yee was written for Tapestry Opera’s LibLab. This dark and twisted comedic work is about Rain’s girlfriend, Simone, who may or may not be a serial killer. An instant hit at Tapestry’s Opera Briefs, Bicycle Opera was quick to snatch this piece up!

Bianchi: A Bicycle Opera is an original miniature opera by Tobin Stokes written especially for the Bicycle Opera Project. Two characters race after a third, gearing up to pedal their way into her heart.

(What rhymes with) Azimuth? by Ivan Barbotin and Liza Balkan is another work created through Tapestry Opera’s LibLab. Set in Toronto’s distillery district, two strangers find a common point of interest through their observation of the universe: the immensity of the galaxies narrows to the discovery of a new pair of eyes, and the pursuit of a yet unexplored love.

Featuring: Wesley Shen, Music Director, Geoffrey Sirett, Baritone, Will Reid, Tenor, Stephanie Tritchew, Mezzo, Alexandra Beley, mezzo, and Larissa Koniuk, Artistic Director, and soprano, Leslie Ting, violin, Katherine Watson, flute.