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General Inquiries:

Mail: Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound

250 King Street West

PO Box 26011 College PO.

Kitchener, ON    N2G 1B0


Twitter: @openearsfest

Instagram: @openearsfest


About submissions

Open Ears is a curated festival based in Waterloo Region. The next festival for which we are accepting submissions is June 2018. Anyone interested in submitting to the festival should look carefully at our programming to assess whether or not they feel they are a good fit. We recommend that you then send an email to to outline your suggestion. If we feel that there may be a fit we will contact you for further information.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints we will acknowledge receipt of your hard copy submission only if we find something of interest to our vision.


Photo by  Jim Linwood , licensed under  CC-Attr/NC . Beethoven's Trumpet (With Ear) by John Baldessari.

Photo by Jim Linwood, licensed under CC-Attr/NC. Beethoven's Trumpet (With Ear) by John Baldessari.

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