OpenEars June 2-5, 2022

Winner of Emerging Digital Sound Art Competition

Warning: the work contains flashing lights and moving images that may be sensitive to viewers with epilepsy, motion sickness, and/or sensory needs.

reminiscence, Megan Harton, 2022, Multimedia work

reminiscence is a fragmented, romantic recollection presented as a stream of consciousness. The work engages with found footage ranging from archival instructional films, static visual effects and audio recordings of an anonymous speaker addressing and remembering a past love. The piece is subjective to the viewer, it serves as a canvas upon which the viewer can project their own experiences.

Runners up Emerging Digital Sound Art Competition

MURMURATIONS for 6 pianos (2021) – Robert Humber

BEAT (version 2021) by Sylvain Pohu
Martin Daigle, performer