A Wake of Vultures

Walking at Night by Myself and …wreckage upon wreckage… are created by the Vancouver performance trio A Wake of Vultures under the artistic leadership of sound artist Nancy Tam.

Formed in 2013, A Wake of Vultures (WOV) is a project-based interdisciplinary performance collective. WOV is a research, development, and producing vehicle for the works of its three members: Nancy Tam (music, sound design, theatre), Daniel O’Shea (film, theatre), and Conor Wylie (theatre). We began collaborating and bonding as friends over our shared fascination in social rituals, science fiction, anime, and questions of reality and perception. We follow our idiosyncratic curiosities, blending low-brow inspirations with highfalutin ideas, creating bizarre convergences that propose hybrid visions of the future. Our work is marked by formal detachment, ritual, playful misdirection, unstable perspectives, and a blend of retro and new technologies, taking diverse forms like audio walks, performative installations, and plays.

譚亦斯 (Nancy Tam), works and lives on Coast Salish lands. She is a Hong Konger. Her research triangulates between sound, space, and body, and she works across disciplinary bounds with sound and performance as her primary media. Her work elicits nuanced perceptual shifts by inducing altered states through integrated multichannel audiovisual performance. Nancy is an award-winning composer. Her compositions, audio walks, performances, and collaborations have toured in Europe, Asia, and North America. Her work is form-bending and dramaturgically rigorous. Nancy has a penchant for the underdog, the quieted, and she champions peripheral perspectives by amplifying the background to creating immersive environments.

Walking at Night by Myself

A Wake of Vultures | Nancy Tam

Sound Designer and Director: Nancy Tam (Lead Artist)

Projection Designer: Daniel O’Shea

Costume Designer: Nellie Gossen

Choreographic Consultant: Lexi Vajda

Devising Performers: Anjela Magpantay, Jasmine Chen

Dramaturge: Conor Wylie

Technical Director: Ira Jordison

…wreckage upon wreckage…

A Wake of Vultures | Nancy Tam

Director and Performer: Nancy Tam (Lead Artist)

AI Designer: Paul Paroczai

AI Consultant: Kivanç Tatar

Composer: Charlie Cooper